Latvia, Jaunmarupe's primary school

The primary school of Jaunmarupe is a school in Marupe' s district in Riga region. It was founded in 2005.
We organize the tuition on the educational programs for children, which are approved by the Ministry of Education. The doors are open for all children in our community, no matter their nationality, religion, culture, physical, mental or psychically status. We give them love, attention, caress, we try to understand and encourage their talents and abilities. Our team is highly skilled and responsible to novelty in the contemporary education.
The social status to our students’ parents is below average for the country. It is obvious there is a relatively high rate of unemployment in the area and many families do not have sufficient financial resources. Some students even live with their grandparents, which is result of economic migration of the parents to seek work abroad.
This project will help us to expand the horizon for the students and their teachers. It will give us a chance to learn more other European culture. One of major priorities of our cooperation will be placing students in all actions. We want to teach them independence, responsibility, teamwork; develop their empathy, tolerance and respect for other people no matter their nationality, sex, health, social status, cultural differences etc. are. We also want to make students aware of importance of foreign languages and ICT as means of breaking communicational barriers and as a result, approaching of nations.
There is already formed team by enterprising colleagues, who work for the project. They are high skilled and motivated people who work together with parents of our students.

Latvian Song and dance festival

1th project meeting in Latvia, Jaunmarupe photo overview


2nd project meeting in Italy, Capurso photo overview


3rd project meeting in Spain, Cornellana photo overview


4th project meeting in Poland, Rydultowy photo overview


5th project meeting in Greece, Xanthi photo overview


6th project meeting in Turkey, Kilis photo overview part I, part II, part III, part IV


7th project meeting in UK, Northern Ireland, Armagh photo overview


Latvian solstice teaching materials with teaching outline, instructions, pritables, test, music and dances.

Presentation “Latvian Solstice” -

Teaching materials: worksheets about the Latvian Solstice -

The script of the presentation of the Latvian Solstice -

The description of the Latvian folk dances and games -

The project tasks for the participant countries -

“The Pigs in the Rye” (“Cūkas driķos”)
“Clapping hands” ( “Plaukstiņpolka”)
“Mills” (“Sudmaliņas”)
"Here and now” ( “Tūdaliņ Tāgadiņ”)
“Who’s in the garden?” (“Kas dārzā?”)
The music of the Latvian folk dances and games:

Jaunmārupe primary school student solstice performances: