20th Primary School of Xanthi is located in the suburb of Xanthi and only two kilometer from the center of our town and it is a public school. Xanthi is located in the North East part of Greece. Our school supplies education to students aged between 6-14. There are about 400 students in mixed classes, 20 teachers, one head teacher and one deputy director. There are 15 classrooms in three different buildings.

he majority of our students come from an ethnic minority background (Gypsies). Many pupils also are low achievers or have educational needs but they are integrated into normal classes.

Our students come from poor families with very low income. Majority of the parents’ economical situation is low and have lower educational background and most of them are illiterate. In our area there are high unemployment levels. As a result many of our students’ parents travel away to find a job therefore their children stay back with their grandparents. Therefore there are a lot of students with low living standard and their parents are very frequently users of social assistance with very poor education.

Our school has a wide range of exciting projects – but all in local level - in environmental education, health and sports and a powerful team of dedicated staff with a great interest in opening our doors to international partnerships.

Through our participation in this project, we will:
- enable pupils, teachers and families to increase their knowledge of their own cultural heritage
- developing in students an awareness of multilingual, which are known in several languages and cultures
- enlarge their vision and be conscious of European dimension
- develop understanding of and between various European cultures as well as reinforce the recognition that we are European citizens
- learn to be tolerant and to cooperate, developing self-esteem, personal autonomy, motivation and self-confidence
- respect the differences and similarities between each other
- promote professional development of teachers.

1th Meeting : 18 - 23 October 2013

Jaunmarupes Sakumskola -Riga LATVIA Latvia_240-animated-flag-gifs.gif

  • Competition for the logo
To the competition for the logo of the program «The wonder of Solstice” took place in Latvia the 5 works of our students that traveled from Xanthi to Riga are the following:


1) SIRTAKI "Dancing on solstice"
Sirtaki is a popular dance of Greek origin. Mikis Theodorakis wrote the music for the 1964 film "Zorba the Greek"


Helios was the personification of the Sun in Greek Mythology. Helios was the borther of Selene (the moon) and Eos (the dawn). He drove the chariot of the sun across the sky eveery day. Aw time passed, he was identified with th god oa light, Apollon.



Α group of our students had an idea to draw the two seasons which involve the winter and summer solstice. So we have a winter landscape with snowy houses and a summer one on the beach with sun, sand and umbrellas.


The Sun and the sea are concepts interwined for us Greeks. They most refere to Summer, our islands, our history, as well the vessels sailing the Aegea Sea.


In Greek Mythology Icarus is the son of the master craftsman Daedalus, When the king of Crete, Minoas, imprisoned them, they tried to escape from Crete by means of wings from feathers and wax. Icarus ignored instructions not to fly to cose to the sun and the melting wax caused him to fall into the sea, in the area which today bears his name, the Icarian See.


  • The presentation took place to Riga for the program Comenius 2013-14 "The wonders of Solstice"

  • Memories of our visit to Jaunmarupe Riga-Latvia

2th Meeting: 6 - 10 February 2014

Istituto Comprensivo S. D. Savio RL Montalcini -Capurso-Bari ITALY Italy_240-animated-flag-gifs.gif

  • The presentation took place to Capurso:

  • Memories of our visit to Bari - Italy

3th Meeting: 2-7 April 2014

Colegio De Educacion Infantil Y Primaria "Cornellana" - Oviedo Asturias SPAIN Spain-240-animated-flag-gifs.gif

  • The presentation took place to Cornellana:

  • Memories of our visit to Oviedo Asturias - Spain

4th Meeting: 5-10 June 2014

Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 im. Karola Miarki - Rydultowy POLAND Poland_180-animated-flag-gifs.gif

  • The presentation took place to Rydultowy:

  • Memories of our visit to Rydultowy - Poland