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Comenius project "The wonders of Solstice"

Logo_2013.jpgThe name of our multilateral Project is ‘’The wonders of Solstice’’. It addresses pupils age 6-12 who learn in pre-primary or primary schools in the following countries: Latvia, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy and Poland.

The primary objective of this Project is to broaden the opportunity for young pupils to discover Europe, involving them into cultural activities and making them happy learners of English. The all partners will gather their own outdoor activities, games based on astronomical event which happens twice each year as the Sun reaches its highest or lowest excursion-solstice and also activities based on spring and autumn equinox.Thanks to solstice outdoor activities and games, we will all learn much about different countries and their cultural issues. Besides this our main purpose is to show the real way of feeling to the young people who are in a way victims of the technological world. That is to remind to the young people who are spending most of their leisure time sitting in front of computer rather than spending it with their friends or doing outdoor activities and playing games.Students will extend their knowledge of Europe through the traditions of solstice of other countries, through video presentations of the partners’ schools, of their history, culture and customs.Even if these outdoor activities seem local they will play an international role showing that the people from different countries, religions or ethnical groups can share many things together harmoniously.The main end product of this Project will be web page and DVD containing each national solstice games and outdoor activities translated into English with appropriate teaching instructions.